Friday, April 4, 2014

5 on Friday

I haven't done a link-up in forever. My friend Cari over at Adventures of the Roberts always does this one and I thought it looked fun so I'm going to jump in this week! I'm sharing 5 bits of randomness on my second favorite day of the week :)


So happy for warmer weather. M was able to play on the playground during R's baseball practice the other night, so everyone was happy! Except for me, mainly because she insisted on leaving the house looking like this....


Beach volleyball. 
I'm playing it. 
This summer, on an actual team. 
Fo Realz.
This is scary, mainly because I'm extremely uncoordinated & tend to fall a lot... but it's guaranteed to be a good time with this motley crew. Can't wait for that debacle to begin!


We finally broke down and bought M a baby Anna doll since she has been doing so good with potty training. To say this girl is in love would be an understatement. Her braids have already been removed, hair is a hot mess, & she must have "AH-na", Olaf & "AH-na's" hair brush everywhere we go!


Captain America comes out today!!! Can't wait to catch this one in the theater with my love! 


I finally found a Quest bar I can get behind!!! I've been looking for something meal replacement-ish to have before/after I workout besides my protein shake. Jay has banished from using the Nutri-bullet in the morning, so I can't take one to work for breakfast or have one before I hit the gym on the weekends. I bought a few different flavors of the Quest bars because I've heard so much about them and how good they taste. I tried Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Brownie; I was not impressed with either. They both had that funny aftertaste that things with artificial sweetener tend to have, so I gave up for a while. Last night I remembered I had a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough left and let me tell you, that was delicious! I need to buy myself a whole case of those bad boys!!! The best part is they're gluten free too, so good for my belly :)

Have a great weekend!!!!

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