Friday, August 9, 2013

Who are you??? Parts 5 & 6!

So, I don't know if any of you blog from an iPad but I am here to tell you I will never try that again! My iPad lost yesterday's post not once, but twice! Since I'm still feeling like crap from my upper respiratory infection, there was no way I was attempting it a third time yesterday.... so today you'll get a double dose of me :)


Part 5

Describe your relationship with your parents:

Some of you may not know that my mom passed away 15 years ago. I was 20 when she died, so we had a bit of rough patch going through the typical teenage stuff. My mom was awesome though, I could talk to her about anything, and we became very close while she was sick. I took a semester off from college to take her to her treatments (my dad had just started a new job), so we spent a lot of time together at the end. I was lucky to share that time with her. I often say that one of the only blessings to come from my mom's death is my relationship with my dad. Don't get me wrong, we were always close, but my mom was the dominant personality in our house. In her absence I have learned a lot about who my dad is and what he stands for. Living alone with him for 8 years, I really got to know him as a man and a father. I know I can't count on my dad for anything, and now I can go to him to talk about any problem we might be facing. He has really stepped in and taken over both roles over the years. We are truly lucky to have him. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
Probably in the exact same place. Hopefully a little better off financially, but probably not in much different a place than we are now. 
10 years? 
Hopefully in a bigger house, and going back to school to finally pursue my art/teaching degree. 
15 years?
Hopefully I'll be spending a lot more quality time with Jay because he should be retired by then! I would also love to be enjoying my new career as an elementary art teacher, while helping M navigate the struggles of being a teenager. Maybe even some wedding bells for our oldest boy???

What’s your favorite holiday and why?

Christmas. Christmas Eve to be more precise. Christmas was my mom's favorite holiday, and I live to carry on her traditions every year. I love the preparations & decorating, the smell of garlic & oil and frying fish, and any excuse I could possibly have to make my mom's famous Italian cheesecake. It brings me back to better times every year. 

Halloween is a close second because it's my kids favorite. They LOVE everything about it. The costumes, decorating the house, the candy! There enthusiasm is contagious, & they make it difficult not to get as excited as they are! Plus I went into labor with M on Halloween, so that also brings back happy memories for me :)

What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about parenthood?

Snuggles. I love snuggles with my kids more than anything. 
Also, I love the way it makes me feel when I see them feeling pride in themselves for accomplishing something new or difficult. When they are happy, my heart smiles.

Least Favorite:
Sleep deprivation. Hands down that is the worst part of parenthood. It really screws you up. You can't understand it until you live it. 

If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and what would you eat?

Bill Clinton. I would love to chat with him about his childhood, his presidency and hear about the Monica Lewinsky scandal straight from the horses mouth. 
My Grandpa Ralph. He died a year before I was born and growing up I was always hearing all these amazing stories about him. I would love to have the opportunity to talk to him and get to know him. 
Either way, the meal would be the same. Lobster bisque, Alaskan king crab claws, mushroom ravioli with some kind of cream sauce, followed up by cup of hot tea and a cannoli. Yum-O!

Part 6

What popular notion do you think the world 
has most wrong?

Well, I wouldn't call this a popular notion, per say... but I'm so sick of these celebrities who are famous for doing absolutely nothing. We as a society keep watching these people and lining their pockets when they've really done nothing to earn or deserve it. We put way too much stock in entertainment here in the US. If all the "real housewives" and the Kardashian's chipped in together, I bet they could put a nice dent in the number of starving children on the streets of America. Instead they are buying solid gold toilets, and we keep asking for more. There is definitely something wrong with this picture. 

What is your favorite part of your body and why?

My stomach has always been my smallest part, even when I was at my heaviest (& let's face it, who doesn't love small?). Now it's probably also my strongest body part, and that strength keeps me centered. Plus, my babies grew there!  

What’s your favorite quality in your spouse?

It will be hard for me to chose just one, because my husband has so many wonderful qualities. I would have to say his sensitivity is one of my favorites. He is very open and honest about how he feels, and I feel like that is hard to come by in a man. I never have to question where I stand on things with him, and I love that. I also think it makes his relationship with our children better because they are never guessing about how he feels. 

What are your hopes and dreams for your 


In many ways, as cliche as this may sound, I am far more prosperous than I ever imagined possible. In terms of love I am rich beyond my wildest dreams. Realistically, it would be nice not to have to struggle and live paycheck to paycheck. If NYC would ever settle their contract with the PD and maybe Jay could get a raise after 4 years with nothing, we might be in a better place. It would also be nice to have enough money to fix up our POS house or buy a new one. Until then, we'll just keep plugging along. 

List 10 things you would hope to be remembered for.

1. Love
2. Honesty
3. Strength
4. Kindness
5. Devotion
6. Work ethic
7. My smile
8. Good listening
9. Sense of humor/Laughter
10. My children

This was fun! Happy Friday everyone!!!!

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sick of me yet? Who are you??? Part 4


What are your 5 greatest accomplishments?

1. My bachelors degree. I am the only person on my mother's side of the family to have earned a bachelors. I wish she could have been there to see it, but it is still one of my proudest moments. 

2. R. Even though things didn't work out with his dad and I, bringing him into this world is of my greatest accomplishments and my greatest gifts. Even though I like to pretend that he has only inherited the good traits from my side of the family ;)

3. Our marriage. After I split with R's dad, I really didn't think I would ever be able to trust a man again. The fact that I was able to find such an amazing man and allow myself to open up to him, to trust him - that is a huge accomplishment. The fact that I am somehow muddling through being a step-mom to 3 wonderful boys, that to me is also a great accomplishment; but I think I am most proud of our love and the example we set for our children. 

4. M. We knew the odds of us having a girl were not in our favor, so I couldn't feel more blessed by God for bringing her into our lives. Every day she is growing, learning, and amazing us with the things she knows. Sometimes I can't believe I made her! 

5. My weight loss. I know, I know, It's been done 4 times already... and I consider each of those times to be an accomplishment, but this last time has been the most rewarding for me. This is the longest I have kept the weight off in my adult life. I have also challenged myself in new ways, and found a way to really incorporate exercise and healthy living into our daily lives. 

What is the thing you most wish you were great at?

Photography. I love taking pictures of my family, but I wish I was better at capturing moments in a more artistic way. Some people have such a natural eye for it. Me, not so much. 

What do you think your spouse loves most about you?

I'm not really sure how Jay would answer this if you asked him directly, but I think he would say that he loves my love for and commitment to our children the most. I think it's a little different for us because we are a blended family. Even though it should be, I'm not sure that love for step-kids is a guarantee in every situation, so it's a very endearing quality when you know your other half is as attached to your own kids as you are. I know Jay's love for my R is one of the things I love most about him. 

How did you feel the moment you became a parent?

Overwhelmed by love, and scared as hell. When R was born, my situation with his dad was strained at best. He was on the phone with girl he left me for in the birthing room right after the delivery. I can't even describe to you the pain from that time in my life. I was so scared about having to raise this boy on my own, but at the same time I was overtaken with a love unlike anything I had ever felt before in my life. It was a very strange and difficult time for me, but one of the most joyous in my life. 

Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.

When I was 4 years old we moved from Queens to Long Island. I hardly remember our old house at all, except for a few instances. I wouldn't say these are necessarily significant, but for some reason they are some of the most vivid. I remember throwing up green in the middle of my parents bed when I was about 3 years old. I remember sneaking downstairs into the super scary basement to play with the Little People McDonald's play set  I'm talking old school Little People, back when they were square and made of wood! 

Another significant & vivid, but unpleasant memory from my childhood is my memory of the night my Uncle Sal passed away. He had been away on business, and had a fatal heart attack during dinner. My dad was also away on a business trip in California, so I was sleeping with my mom in their room. We are both very sound sleepers so we never heard the door... My aunt and 2 older cousins had to ring my grandma's bell and wake her first. Then they all came upstairs to tell my mom the news. It seemed so surreal, opening my eyes and seeing the 3 of them standing in the bedroom doorway in the dark. I don't think I had ever seen my mom like that before. She was shaking and crying, "my baby, my baby"... I remember distinctly that in the middle of all of us hugging and crying, my grandmother never shed one tear in front of us. My mom called up my dad in California, and I remember her saying he had to put the phone down because he couldn't even talk to her. He got the next flight back to NY. When he came home, that was the first time I had ever seen my dad cry. My uncle didn't take the best care of himself. He drank a ton of coffee and chain-smoked Moore menthol's like there was no tomorrow. I would always tell him if he didn't quit smoking he would drop dead at 50. And then he did. I felt guilty about this for a long time. Maybe that's why the memory is still so strong.

2 more days of getting to know me left... This week you're probably learning more than you ever wanted to know about little ol' me!

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Who are you??? Part 3


Describe 10 pet peeves you have:

1. Finger pointing! As mentioned in part 1, if you point your finger at me I may just have to break it off!

2. Long fingernails on boys. I am constantly trimming my boys nails. Jay thinks I'm a little kooky. I can't stand nails long enough to trap dirt. What's so wrong with looking clean???

3. Leaving the toilet seat up. I know I live with 5 "men", so I should be used to it, but I refuse. I grew up in a house with 3 other women, the toilet seat was always down, where it belongs. 

4. Being cut off while driving. Why do people insist on darting out in front of you only to do 10 mph? It makes me INSANE! 

5. When people continue to shop while at the register. If you weren't done shopping, you shouldn't have gotten on line!!! 

6. People who get on the express line with more than 12 items. People, please... read the sign... and learn to count. RUDE!

7. Bad customer service. I can't stand this in general, probably a result of my many years in retail, but it annoys me most in restaurants. Nothing worse than paying for a bad meal, or a bad experience. 

8. Reply All. The members of my union are famous for this, & also my sons baseball team. Why does every single person need to see your response? Do I really need to know why Bobby can't make practice this week or that you will be away on vacation next month? Just hit Reply people, just reply!!!

9. Self-Tanner. I know there are some good ones on the market, but I can't stand the ones that turn your skin all streaky & orange. How do people not notice that their skin is orange??? Orange is not a natural looking skin tone on anyone. Yikes!

10. People who don't follow through. I can't stand it when people go back on their word. If you can't make it, call. If you can't do it, don't offer. "Promise only what you can deliver. Then deliver more than you promise." - Author unknown.  

Describe a typical day in your current life:

6:45 - Alarm goes off for work. Hit snooze, at least twice. Get ready for work, slowly. I am so not a morning person. Leave for work. Try not to kill anyone on my 5 minute drive across town. Work all day. (I won't bore you with the details. It's not a glamorous job. I don't hate it, but it's definitely not my dream job. The kids keep it interesting, but they are the only highlight.) I try to exercise on my break. I usually walk the track this way I know if all else fails, I at least have my guaranteed 30 minutes of cardio, 5 days a week. During school I go home for lunch, in the summer my break is too short so I eat at my desk. 

3:45 - arrive home. Depending on the day, I usually exercise and then hang out with my hubs & the kiddos until he leaves for work. I just joined a gym finally, after talking about it for months, so my afternoon routine may be changing shortly. After Jay leaves I go into single mom mode. I make dinner, serve it, attempt to eat some of it myself while it is still semi-hot, clean up from dinner, vacuum the dining room & the girl's high chair to keep away the dreaded ants, mop the floor, shake out the tablecloth and... then more chores. There is never a shortage of things to do in my house, it just depends on whether or not I actually have the energy to do them. Especially since during the school year there is usually a baseball practice or game thrown in here as well. Typically after dinner I'm doing some kind of laundry, or dishes. Hopefully after all the cleaning & running around there is some time leftover for snuggling with my babies. Snuggling is followed by showers & stories, & then it's sleepy time for the kiddos. You would think this is where the relaxation comes in, but no such luck! I still have to make R's lunch for the next day and make sure his camp/school bag is packed. 
Finally! 10:00 - I drag myself to bed, where I usually get sidetracked by social media & Bejeweled Blitz, and end up not going to sleep until 11:30 anyway. 

Funny Family Ecard: My children's laughter is my favorite sound! The sound of their deep breathing when I know they're asleep is a close second.

Usually once a week I just say f*%k it, order in and just hang out with the kiddos & to hell with the chores! No one can keep up that pace every day!!!  

What’s the hardest part of growing up?

For me, the hardest part of growing up has been learning to be fiscally responsible. It is very hard to strike a balance between what is necessary and also being able to enjoy your life. We struggle a lot, and I hate that. It was much easier when mom & dad took care of everything.

In terms of watching my children grow up, the hardest part for me is when they are at school and I have no control over what's happening to them. I worry all the time about whether or not they are having a good day, did they eat lunch? Are the other kids being nice to them? I heard a quote once, " making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." - Elizabeth Stone. 

I've never heard a truer statement before in my life. 

Describe 5  weaknesses and strengths you have:

1. Short temper
2. Sarcasm
3. Food
4. Shopping
5. Poor self-image

1. Loyalty
2. Honesty
3. Good listener
4. Organizational skill
5. Integrity

Describe when you knew your spouse was the one:

For me, there wasn't one trait, or one particular instance that made me realize that Jay was the one for me - but I do remember the exact moment I knew...  

I'm sure most women say this, but my husband truly is a great guy. It was easy for me to see this right from the beginning  The first thing that attracted me to him was the way he spoke about his boys. It was blatantly obvious that he was an amazing daddy, and it was heartbreaking to see how being separated from them was taking a toll on him. His honesty and vulnerability when it came to how much he was missing them and being a full time dad, that drew me in. Then he met R, and that very well may have sealed the deal. He was so at ease & natural with him and R needed that so badly in his little life, it melted my heart right from the start. Then there was his job. IMO, it takes a special kind of person to be a cop - selfless, brave, and dedicated, he is one of the hardest work men I know.  Of course, add all this in with his dashing good looks, and I would have been very hard pressed to find a better catch. 

I will never forget the exact moment I knew I would spend the rest of my life with this man. Six years later and I still remember it as clear as day. We were only dating a few weeks, and Jay had taken me to see Transformers. We were sitting there in the theater, watching the coming attractions. He had his arm around me and I had my head resting on his chest, and I suddenly had this overwhelming feeling that I could see myself in the very same spot 30 years down the road. In that instant I knew I could grow old with this man, that there was no place else I would rather be. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Who are you????

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Who Are You??? Part 2 & Birthday Recap


If you could have three wishes, what would you wish for?

1. To have my mother back. If I had only one wish, that's what it would be. I would take one more word, hug or kiss over anything else I could possibly receive. Any day. Hands down. 

2. A cure for cancer. I HATE cancer. It has taken far too many of my loved ones, and loved ones of people I love. It needs to end. I'm over it

3. Money. Let's be honest here... who wouldn't like some more cold, hard cash? Of course money isn't everything, but it would make things a whole hell of a lot easier for us. I would love to have enough so we could live comfortably without me having to work, and also to help out the people closest to me. That's not too much to ask, is it? 

What is your dream job, and why?

It's hard to say, because there are a lot of things I enjoy, but I think my dream job would be to teach art workshops for children. I wouldn't want to be a school teacher because let's face it, if it's my dream job, it wouldn't be full time! As you may have learned from Friday's post, I almost majored in art. I love drawing and painting, so it would be really cool to be able to combine that with my other favorite thing, kids! Also, it would be great if these workshops could be held in an upscale community so they pay me the big bucks! Who wouldn't want to make buku bucks for doing what they love? Sign me up!  

What are 5 passions you have? 

1. My children. Hands down, they are my focus in life. I am extremely passionate about loving them, and giving them the best life we possibly can. 

2. My husband. I went through a lot of crap before I met my lobster. It makes me appreciate all of the things that make him so amazing, definitely more so than I would've if I hadn't had the life experiences that I did. I love him more than anything, and I have no problem telling anyone and everyone. I try my best to show him, every day. 

3. Fundraising for pancreatic cancer research. Every year we do The Lustgarten Foundation walk for pancreatic cancer research. If you follow me on Facebook, then you know how hardcore I get when trying to get sponsors for our team, Remember Margaret, during walk time. In fact, I'll take this opportunity to plug it now, and ask you all to consider supporting this cause that is so close to my heart. The Long Island walk will be held on Sunday, October 13th this year. If you are local, maybe you can walk with us. If not, maybe you can spare a few bucks for research to find a cure for one of the deadly types of cancer out there. There is only a 6% survival rate after 5 years. My mom only lasted 7 months... 

4. Exercise. Jay jokes that it has become a bit of an obsession lately. I think it's more the mindset behind it than the actual exercise itself. I am determined to be fit and healthy so I can live a long life. I want to be able to enjoy my children now while they are young, to be able to play ball and chase after them. I want to be there to see all 5 of my lovelies graduate from college and get married. I don't want to miss one single minute. I am going to be one kick-ass grandma, and nothing is going to stand in my way of that. He calls it an obsession. I say I am passionate. Passionate about being strong and healthy for my family.

5. Organization. This is ridiculous, I know. However, I have a touch of OCD... I am a stickler for things being neat, and always in their proper place. Mise en Place, as an old friend used to say. I feel that when everything is where it belongs, you are set up for success. I believe this to be true both at home and at work, although it's much easier to execute at work!   

List 10 7 people who have influenced you and describe how:

1. My mother. Obviously as my mother influenced me in many ways, but her life and in more ways, her death, have made me the woman I am today. Of course there are all the life lessons, the craftiness, the artistic ability, the cooking, the baking, my fire, my loyalty, all of these things come from her and the time we shared together... but my determination to take care of myself and be healthy, that comes from her death. I am grateful for it all. 

2. My father. The only silver lining in the cloud that was my mother's death, has been the amazing relationship I now share with my dad as a result of her absence. Don't get me wrong, we always had a good relationship, but my mom was the dominant personality. In her absence I have come to really know my dad, and I have learned a lot of wonderful lessons from him. Hard work, determination, planning, punctuality (the importance of, not necessarily the ability to execute) and my cleanliness & organizational skills... these are all things that my dad has impressed upon me. 

3. My sister. Being almost 13 years older, most of what one needs to know about being a woman, I learned from my sister. She was there the first time I got my period, she taught me how to tease my hair, and I learned to put on make-up by staring at her relentlessly for hours on end. She trusted me with my nephew when he was only an infant, and all the time I spent with him helped make me into the mother I am today. 

4. Marci. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a friend who is there for them unconditionally over the course of 30 years. She has influenced me more than she knows, on how to be a good friend, a good wife, a good mother & a good person. 

5. My grandma Laura. Growing up my grandma always lived downstairs from us and having her literally underfoot, it would be impossible not to have been influenced by her in some way. From her I take my love of cooking, my short temper, and also the knowledge that it is really unacceptable to leave the house without your "face' on. 

6. Mrs. Frankel, my 5th grade teacher. She was an amazing teacher, who shared her love of books and reading. It was in her class that I discovered a love for writing in addition to reading, and with her praise and encouragement, I discovered a little sorely needed self-esteem as well.

7. Roni Downey, my high school art teacher. She encouraged me to pursue art and in doing so, she showed me a side of myself that I didn't know existed. She gave me an outlet for emotions I didn't know how to express, and that quite possibly saved me from myself at that time. 

Describe your most embarrassing moment:

When I was preggo with R, I was still working for the Gap, and they had transferred me to the Miracle Mile. I hated that store because the rest of the management staff there was not at all sympathetic to what I was going through at the time, and it was a 45 min commute every day. I was there for the entire length of my pregnancy, which was TORTURE! So towards the end, when I was going to the bathroom 100 10 times a day, it was really a bitch because the bathroom was in the basement (the store was 2 floors). So one day I'm on bathroom trip #7 for the day, and I come waddling out and drag myself back upstairs... My skirt was stuck inside my underwear, & my big fat pregnant ass was hanging out for everyone to see. The worst part, nobody told me! I felt the breeze, that's when I realized :/ God, I hated that store.... 

Okay, on to A's Birthday Recap!!!

I was a nervous wreck all morning because it was pouring and I really didn't want his pool party to be ruined. Plus, I knew my mother-in-law had most likely gone out of her way with extra decorations and goodies (because she's great like that) and I didn't want her to be upset if A was disappointed. Thank goodness the sun came out and they were able to swim like the fishes they are! We had pizza and cake, and A was a happy camper come present time because he got lots of Gamestop gift cards, which was what he really wanted. We had a few people not show up, without a phone call, but this seems to be the norm lately. All in all, a good time was had by all! 

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby!

It's hard to believe that when Jay & I first met this cute little devil wasn't even 2 years old. Since then I have had the awesome privilege of loving him while watching him grow from an adorable little toddler into a bright, handsome little boy. 

Today that handsome little boy turns 8 years old. 8! I can hardly believe it!!! Where is the time going??? 

 It seems like just yesterday we were still changing diapers and collecting binkies...

Today we'll party it up at grandma & grandpa's house in honor of A. Lots of swimming, pizza & cake for the guest of honor, his brothers and sister, & his cousins. It's guaranteed to be a beautiful day all around. I baked a special vanilla & strawberry jumbo cupcake just for the birthday boy! As if baking a giant cupcake in my fancy new-fangled pan wasn't enough work, I had to make cupcakes for the picky brother 
who hates anything fruit flavored. 
A step-mothers work is never done!!! 
 Giant cupcake pics to come soon... 

Have a great Saturday everyone!!!

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Who are you?

So, I don't know if any of you read Big Holly's Where We Can Live Like Jack & Sally, but she is HYSTERICAL & I love her blog! Anywho, today she linked-up with Kim at That's the thing about destiny who is doing a getting-to-know-you series of link-ups & I really liked the idea so I'm gonna get in on the action. Here goes... 

1. List 20 random facts about yourself

1. I like multiples of 2. I know it's a little OCD, but I have a thing about even numbers. I like to do things an even amount of times, or eat an even number of things... weird, I know. 

2. If we have an argument, DO NOT point your finger at me. I will most likely attempt to break it off. I LOATHE finger pointing! It is my biggest pet peeve, EVER. 

3. I could wear flip-flops or sandals all year long if the weather allowed. Bottom line, I need to move to a warmer state so I can let my feet breathe permanently. No more of this boots in the winter shit!

4. Every single occurrence in my life can somehow be related to FRIENDS. It is my favorite TV show of all time, and I'm pretty sure I've seen every episode at least 5 times, if not more. Those of you who frequent my little bloggy space know that Jay is typically referred to as "my lobster". This is my favorite and most relevant Friends reference <3. 

5. I love Mariah Carey. I know everyone thinks she is a diva & a mega-biotch... but she's my homegirl, has been since the 6th grade.

6. I don't drink coffee. Ever. I think it's gross, I can't even stand the smell. I'll take a nice cup of hot tea any day.

7. I HATE ANTS. I mean really, really HATE them! I'm talking follow them around my living room with a vacuum sucking their little asses up hate them. Stand over them with a shoe and beat them into the ground hate them... and yet, they keep coming back to find me! They followed me from my apartment to my house. Don't they know I'm just going to kill them???

8. I was unwilling to have children past the age of 33. Good thing baby M was able to sneak in one month before my 33rd birthday :)

9. My middle name is Stefanie, with a f, and it was almost my first name. My parents changed their mind in the delivery room and decided to switch the order. I'm glad they did. I love my name.

10. I took piano lessons for most of my childhood. Even for those who know me well this may come as a shock, considering the adult version of me has absolutely no musical inclination whatsoever!

11. I almost went to art school. I was hardcore into drawing and painting in high school. My mother talked me out of it because she said didn't want me to become a starving artist. "There's no money in that", she always used to say. I think she just didn't want me to go to college all the way in Vermont. 

12. I love feet. This could have something to do with #4 :)

13. I still bite my nails. 

14. I had 3 cats growing up. Now we have no pets. Wah! 

15. I once made Jay take the train into Manhattan and travel all the way uptown to Levain Bakery for the sole purpose of getting chocolate chip cookies. They were, in fact, the best chocolate thing I have ever eaten. Food Network & Rocco Dispirito do not lie. 

16. I'm addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper. 

17. I'm the kind of girl who typically watches a movie once & then moves on, but I can watch Forrest Gump over and over and never get tired of it. 

18. Thanks to my four boys and super geek hubby, I am also addicted to superheroes. It's hard to pic a fave, but Iron Man and Captain America are probably my top 2. I also have a soft spot for the Hulk :) Batman's not bad either... especially as long as Christian Bale is playing him ;)

19. I am completely against putting my daughter in any article of clothing that has either an elephant or a hippopotamus on it. If you've ever had a weight problem you'll get where I'm coming from on this one. 

20. Liar Liar with Jim Carey is my favorite comedy ever. I can probably recite 3/4 of the movie from memory. If you ever want to literally laugh your ass off, check that flick out!

2. Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears

1. I have an extremely large, occasionally irrational fear of death. I think this has been amplified since my mom passed away. My biggest fear is that I will die at a young age and leave my children behind before they are ready. It happened to me. I don't want to do it to them. This is also directly related to my other legit fears, which could all lead to death... at least they can in my twisted mind.

2. Since childhood I have been petrified of bridges. When I was a kid I had a nightmare that our car got stuck on a drawbridge as it opened and we all fell in the water. The was the birth of my fear. As a kid I would lie down in the backseat when riding over a bridge. As I got older, I would make whoever was driving stay in the left lane or I would freak out! I can drive over one myself when necessary, but I have to drive as fast as safely possible in the left lane only. When I used to smoke I would have to have a lit cigarette or I couldn't make it across. 

3. I am also afraid of heights, which when coupled with the tragic events of 9/11, make me deathly afraid of flying. I will do it when I have to, but thankfully it isn't often and it requires a lot of preparation on my part. I must take Xanex, Dramamine, and have an alcoholic beverage of some sort while waiting in the airport. I have gotten better since having the kids because I don't want to pass my ridiculous fear on to them, but to say I am a terrible flier would be putting it mildly. My poor hubs has sore hands for a week after we fly anywhere. I'm surprised haven't broken any of his fingers yet! 

3. Describe your relationship with your spouse

Love and partnership. That is truly how I would describe it. I am very fortunate to have found an amazing man who loves me unconditionally and was willing to love my boy the same. It is a lot of hard work, especially with a blended family, and we really have to work together to keep everything afloat. It isn't always easy, but when they going gets tough we always work together to pull through; and when things are really hard, Jay makes ridiculous jokes that make me laugh so hard I almost pee my pants and forget about whatever was stressing me out in the first place. This is one of the reasons why I love him so. That and he's pretty damn hot!

4. List 10 things you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you could

1. Go to class! It's not really that bad. 

2. Ditch half these idiots you hang around with, they won't be around in 5 years anyway. 

3. Pursue your art dream and minor in psychology instead, you probably won't use your degree either way. 

4. Be nicer to mom & spend more time with her, you never know what will happen in life.

5. Get the family recipes!

6. DON'T get the Gwenyth Paltrow Sliding Doors haircut! It is awful and will take you 3 years to grow out! 

7. Get a used car & put the rest of the money in the bank.

8. Mom is always right. 

9. Treat your body better, it's the only one you're going to get.

10. Your life will be nothing like your planning it to be, so just enjoy the ride!

5. What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?

Jay, the kids, weekends to spend with Jay & the kids, exercising & getting fit, & chocolate. I know those last two seem like they should negate each other, but I can't won't give up my chocolate!!!

That was fun! Looking forward to getting to know some new peeps, and getting to know more about some old peeps!!! 

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