About Me

Hi! My name is Dee . I'm a thirty-something, full-time working mom and step-mom of 5. I was blessed to finally meet my soul mate, Jay, in 2007 and we were married in 2010. I have a 7 year old son, R, from my first marriage. Jay has 3 boys from his first marriage; B is 13, D is 9 and A is 7. In November 2011 we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, M. She has truly completed our family. It has been a learning experience for me going from a single-mom to a step-mom. I went from having 1 child to 4, overnight. I was used to my little man, and then all of the sudden I had 3 little men and a teenager! What a trip! Add Princess M to the picture, and it has really become an adventure. We have his, mine and ours, and the drama that comes along with this mix certainly keeps us on our toes!

I have a degree in Psychology which I never "technically" used, instead I became a retail sales manager... but that was too difficult to manage (no pun intended) as a single mom, so I changed careers & became a school secretary. I love the time it affords me to be with the ones I love.

 I enjoy spending time with my hubs, and my kids. We spend most of our time together either playing or watching sports; NY Yankees baseball in the summer and NY Giants football in the winter, with a little of NY Rangers hockey thrown in between.

I am a bit of a social media junkie. I love taking pictures, and listening to music; as well as cooking and baking. I also love to exercise, and am taking up running as my new fitness goal. I'm addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper and Milano cookies (yes, I do realize this does not help my new fitness goal!).  

It's a crazy life, but I love every second of it!!!

I hope you'll come back and see me again :)

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