Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Baby M - I cannot believe you are 2 years old already! Where did the time go? I can remember your tiny little fingers & toes and sweet baby smell like it was yesterday. You are growing and changing so much every single day, and I am constantly amazed by how much you know. You are so very sweet, and also so very sassy - just like me. I cherish every day with you, because I know that before we know it you will have traded in snuggles with mommy & daddy for Starbucks with your girlfriends... all the mundane things that seem so trivial right now because they are a part of our day-to-day; coloring, reading stories together, bath time - I will miss those one day. I wonder what you will be like as a teenager, as a woman... where will you go to college, what kind of man will you marry, will you have lots of kids of your own? I have so many hopes and dreams for you, my love; and I know you will have so many of your own. I will be here with you every step of the way, helping you achieve those dreams. I love you so very much, my sweet girl, and I look forward to what the next year will bring. 

Dear Retail - Quit it with the Christmas commercials, advertisements, sales... NEWSFLASH! Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet! Get back to me on 11/29!

Dear Hot Chocolate - It's nice to have you back, I've missed you! PS - I may be leaving you for DD red velvet latte... 

Dear Mother Nature - Please, please, please don't make it too cold tomorrow morning! I'm doing another 5K, and I really don't want to freeze my a$$ off! K, thanks! 

Dear Veterans - Thank you so much for all you have sacrificed to protect our great nation. The selflessness you and your families display as a part of our Armed Forces is unparalleled, and my family and I are so very grateful for your service. We are also thankful for the day off to honor you.

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