Tuesday, November 5, 2013

We've been busy!!! A little of this & that...

I have been such a slacker with my posts. I know, I know. Major blogger FAIL. But....

We have been SO BUSY!!!!

I am a week behind, but I'm going to fill you all in anyway!

When I left you last I was getting ready to do my first 5K. The good news is, I DID IT!!! Not only did I finish, but I ran the entire thing, and I did it with a personal record for myself of 33.01, 10.39/M. My fastest mile so far has been 10.15, but that was only one mile, so this was a pretty big deal for me. 

I was so excited to see my hubs and kiddos when I ran across that finish line, but of course it didn't quite work out the way I had planned it. I thought I would come back that Monday after and write a great blog post with tons of pictures of my sweaty ass zipping across the finish... but what's that saying? We plan, God laughs.... 
Jay was standing a little before the finish because there was a curve and he wanted to see me coming, only he didn't! I ran right past him and he didn't see me! Even though I was wearing florescent orange in honor of the pumpkin 5K! So, I have no pictures of my first official finish :( 
Last year when we walked, there was a professional photographer who you could purchase the pictures from. Of course I didn't buy any then. This year because I am dying for that picture, I still haven't heard anything. That would be my luck!

Thankfully my dad and I took this selfie before we started, so at least I have that! 

Marianne Volpe 5K & Pumpkin Fun Run 10/26/13

I got such a rush from this 5K that I decided to do it again, this weekend!!! I think I'm addicted. I signed up for another 5K in the town next to ours. I'm hoping it won't be too cold, & I can have a similar experience. Hopefully Jay will get a picture this time!!! 

The next day Jay and I headed into the city with our best friends for any awesome grownup day out. We ate at 5 Napkin Burger, which was super yummy. Then we hit up Carlo's Cafe & Billy's Bakery for dessert. We walked everywhere, so I totally burned off the cupcake cupcakes I ate! It was really nice to have my love to myself for an entire day.

That wrapped up a totally awesome weekend, and on Monday we had baby M's 2 year birthday pics and cake smash. We did a cake smash with her last year also, and the photographer I used was so amazing, I just had to do it again this year. We haven't gotten all the pics back yet, but she did give us a sneak peak. If you are in the Long Island area, you definitely need to check out Gina Rae Miller Photography. She is amazingly talented and such a pleasure to work with! She gave us this little tid-bit, and I absolutely love it! I can't wait to see the rest!!! 

We had Halloween this year! The kids were so excited to actually get to dress up and go trick or treating this year! You don't realize how much the little things like this mean to a child until you can't actually do them. They were robbed last year by that biotch Sandy, so even though it was freezing (to me), and windy, and rainy... we braved it and hit the streets. It was worth every frigid moment to see the smiles on their faces. Of course our big guy refused to dress up, and I didn't get any pics of the other two because they went trick or treating at their mom's this year... but I have a few good shots of these two beauties :)


Zombie Doctor checking out his stash while SuperGirl tries to figure out how to get some!

Such a good big brother! 
This girl was on a serious candy finding mission! 

All this led up to our girl's second birthday this past Saturday. We did lots of celebrating, and a good time was had by all... but I will leave that for another post. 

Don't forget to vote today everyone!!!

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