Friday, July 19, 2013



I love the weekend! SO excited it's Friday already!

Last night we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary with a delicious dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House (we got engaged there!), and even though our anniversary celebration is finally winding down, I'm really glad this week is coming to a close.

Pre-dinner snapshot :)

Beautiful gift from my love!

Jay and the kids are going to visit me at work today and take me out to lunch, I'm excited for that! Seeing them will really break up the day.

R is getting his stitches out today. I am NOT looking forward to this AT ALL, as he is a large HUGE pain in the ass when it comes to anything doctor related... but the good news is he will be able to go swimming again! Not a moment too soon, considering it has been almost 100 degrees here every day this week.

No plans for Saturday, it's supposed to be a rainy day so I think we'll hit up the RedBox.
Sunday we have family time with the in-laws on the agenda. Lots of swimming and outdoor fun,
then family dinner at Chili's (I know it's a little boring, but it's the boys favorite place to eat).

It's the low key weekends like this with lots of time to spend just the 7 of us that I cherish the most. They are all growing up so quickly, it makes me want to soak up every minute we have with them while they still want to be with mom and dad... D will be hitting double digits this fall, and it's only a matter of time until he catches up to big brother B with the hormones and sullen teenager routine. So not looking forward to that!!! Going to enjoy the togetherness while it lasts :)

Any fun plans for your weekend???

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