Friday, January 31, 2014

FAIL! & Some Weekend Goodies

I have a couple of FAILS to note today. One personal, one blogger. Two big fat FAILS

FAIL #1 - I totally fizzled on the Dr. Oz 2 week plan. In my defense, 4/7 of us had the stomach flu for all of last weekend and part of this week... but the truth is, I was modifying it a lot at the end of last week. I did lose 4 lbs the week that the I did it, and I took a few positives away from the experience:

1. I can live without soda. 
2. I can control myself enough to seriously limit my gluten, carbs, dairy, and the times of day that I am eating. 
3. I feel better while doing all of the above.

I am currently working on making my house a more nutritious place for my family. I am paying much closer attention to the types of things I am buying and how we prepare our meals. I'm also keeping up with the Focus T25, and Shawn T is Kicking. My. Ass! 

FAIL #2 -  January 25th was my 1 YEAR BLOGIVERSARY, or MY BLOG'S 1st BIRTHDAY - however you want to look at it. I had a whole big post planned out in my head, and before I could start writing it - THE VIRUS HIT! So instead of writing the super fabulous post I was imagining in my head about how much I've enjoyed writing this little ditty, I spent 5 days cleaning up a little vomit, rubbing bellies, wiping tears, and being sick myself. Then I spent the rest of this week catching up on all the things we missed at the beginning of the week - housework & work for me, and hours upon hours of schoolwork for R. Hopefully by next week I will have my shit together! 

Before I bid you all a good weekend, two more orders of business... 

1. SUPERBOWL! We have no plans... womp! womp! We'll be hanging out at home watching the game with the kiddos, rooting for the Broncos of course. Being true Giants fans, we have to root for a Manning!!!  

2. I need to wish a Very Happy Birthday to my big sis Michele! When we were younger it sometimes seemed like the years between us were endless for her more than me, I'm sure!, but we've become so close as I've gotten older, and I am so thankful to call her my friend. I am grateful for her wisdom and experience, especially since my mom has been gone. I'm also grateful for her ability to let loose and find the party. She reminds me often that everyone deserves a little fun once in a while - no matter what your age or whose mom you are!  Michele, for this year I wish you nothing but good things - wishes granted and dreams come true. May you find what brings you true happiness, no one I know deserves it more. NOW BRING ON THE GOOSE!!!



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