Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Husband is Awesome

Seriously. My husband is AMAZING. Did I mention he's the best, EVER

So far Dr. Oz's plan hasn't been terrible, but I was worried about Monday night because dinner is our meal. Well, I'm here to tell you Jay came through in a major way. 

He somehow managed to cook us an utterly fantastic dinner without compromising Dr. Oz's restrictions. It was so good, I almost forgot I was on this plan
not really. Even he couldn't believe it. He said "am I really full from your diet food???"

He spiced rubbed some chicken & then sliced it up with my brown rice, home-made guacamole, tomato, onion, and green & red peppers. It was so delicious! He threw on some shredded cheese for the kids and they were sold! So yummy, and awesome that we were all able to sit down together with the same meal. 

I know it doesn't look too fancy, but it was delicious!!!

Day 2 wasn't terrible either. The first half of the day was almost exactly the same as Monday, so that kinda stinks. Dinner last night was pretty similar, I just changed up the veggies.

*FYI - DO NOT use raw garlic, in anything. Ever! I totally ruined what was promising to be delicious cauliflower mashed by adding in one super tiny clove of raw garlic. I was SO disappointed.  

Today I'm making tilapia, and believe it or not, R is super excited about that! He's been on a fish kick lately. "Who are you and what have you done with my 8 year old???" 

I took a couple of before pics on Monday before I hit the gym. I'm thinking I wont get on the scale until Saturday, since Sunday starts my AC hiatus. 

Still waiting to feel better, but I guess it's still too early for that. Waking up was a bit easier for me today, but I'm thinking that's because my kids had me so exhausted that I was actually able to fall asleep at a decent time! 

Worst part of the day for the past 2 days was being SUPER hungry later at night and not being able to snack, and also not having my dark chocolate covered fruit before bed. WAHHHHH!!!!!
I have trouble sleeping without my nightly dark chocolate fix. 

Oh, how I miss you!!!!

I'm really not sure how I'm going to survive 2 weeks without these little ditties!!! 
I miss them so much already!!!

Yesterday also started Focus T25. Shaun T is on crack! Fo real! I would like to think I'm in pretty good shape, and that shit kicked my ass! It's no joke. We'll see what today brings...

On a side note, just because I've been talking a lot about health lately... I wanted to share a couple of ultra cute pics I snapped of my little munchkin & I just being silly. God, how I love this girl!!! Her giggles just brighten up my day :)

She insisted on taking pictures of her loving me up <3

Silly girl!!!

Happy Hump Day All!!!! We're halfway to the weekend... 
if that isn't a reason to smile, I don't know what is!!!

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