Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Long Weekend Fun

This weekend was much needed for our family. After not seeing the boys for almost 3 weeks thanks to the snow, we couldn't wait to get our hands on them! Jay was still on vacation through the weekend, so we had 3 solid days together all 7 of us.
It really was a great weekend, in spite of the wicked cold I contracted from some nasty germs at school.

M & I spent most of the day time on Saturday resting (she's teething & I was Sneezy McSneeze),
while Jay had some much needed daddy/boy bonding time.
They did a lot of work cleaning out our playroom, and the boys helped out a little with our basement construction.

I am a real stickler for family meal time. On the weekends we always eat all 3 meals together as a family.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Since we don't have this time with Jay's boys during the week, I feel like it is even more important to make it happen on the weekends. Between second helpings and drink refills, I very rarely get to sit down and enjoy a meal,
but I wouldn't have it any other way.

So... much of Saturday was spent in the kitchen. Jay had already prepped the Crock Pot pot roast for Saturday night's dinner, and that was cooking away and filling the house with glorious smells. We had lunch together and then Jay, B and I started work on Sunday's dinner. We had Jay's parents over for dinner on Sunday, and Jay likes to show off when we cook for them, so baked stuffed shells were on the menu. Very delicious, but this involves a lot of "potschke-ing", as my bestie would say,
so we needed an extra set of hands in the kitchen. B was very happy to be our Sou Chef.  
He's actually very good. Maybe he'll go into culinary arts... who knows?
In the meantime we'll just enjoy having his talents in our kitchen.

We had a delicious and wonderful dinner with Jay's parents on Sunday. The kids LOVE seeing their grandparents! It doesn't matter if they come to us or we go to them, they just LOVE seeing them! There was lots of snuggling with grandma and horseplay with grandpa. It really warms my heart to watch them together. Some of my greatest childhood memories involve my grandparents,
so it really thrills me to know my children have the same opportunity to make wonderful memories with theirs.

We watched a couple of movies and played lots of Kinect Sports & Rock Band. We charged a lot of iPods. Monday the men went for haircuts. We did a little shopping. It really was uneventful in every sense of the word, but SO fulfilling at the same time.
I know I am about to sound very sappy and cliche,
but there is truly nothing better than good quality time spent with those you love.

The only down side to our weekend...
This is what Baby M looks like when it's time to take her brothers back to their mom's house :(

Anyone do anything exciting with their extra day off?

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