Tuesday, February 12, 2013

She said YES!!!

Four years ago today my love left me speechless for the first time since we'd met. He took me totally by surprise when he asked me to marry him. It's still hard for me to believe that it was four years ago, so many wonderful things have happened for us in such a short period of time.
Tonight we will go back to the place where he asked me the most important question he would ever ask... 
and we will celebrate Valentine's day, each other, and the wonderful life we share together.

Since Valentine's day was a Saturday that year, we knew we would never get a sitter. Jay's parents are still head over heals in love, so they were going on a date, and my dad was taking his girlfriend out to celebrate. Since we haven't found a babysitter yet who candle all 4 boys, we decided to make plans for Thursday, when my dad could watch R and the boys would be with their mom.

Jay made reservations for Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. We had made a deal that we wouldn't exchange gifts since we were about to go to contract on the house, and we were going out for this fancy dinner. All I asked for was a small box of Godiva chocolates (Yum-O!!!). I wasn't feeling well at all that day, I was so miserable. I tried to make the best of it at dinner, but my tummy was no good. Poor Jay, all I could think of the whole time at dinner was that I had only seen a card in his hand. I was furious because I thought for sure he had bought me a gift card, and now I didn't have a gift for him -
and where were my Godiva chocolates??? 

After dinner he gave me the card. I was feeling a little less guilty when I realized that there was no gift card inside. As I started to read the card I realized, this was my gift. You see, Jay isn't so good with words, and his handwriting is atrocious! He painstakingly typed multiple paragraphs about how much I meant to him and his boys. He even made it fancy by cutting out the paragraphs with his mom's scrap booking sheers! Tears came to my eyes as I read his touching sentiments. By the time I got to the end I was shaking. I had no idea when we sat down at that table, but now I knew what was happening... When I looked up Jay was down on one knee, right there in the middle of the restaurant, 
and he asked me to be his wife!  

Of course I said YES!!!

When we got out to the car after dinner Jay told me to pop open the glove compartment. What was in there??? You guessed it, MY GODIVA CHOCOLATES!!! Who's better than this guy???

We made a few stops on the way home... my best friend's house, my sister's, my dad's...
 It really was an amazing and surreal night. Sometimes I still can't believe it happened. 
I'm so lucky to have found my soul mate.

Since Jay and I met there have been a few days that I would classify as the best days of my life, and this day was definitely one of them. Truth be told, every day I spend with Jay is the best day. 
There is great comfort in knowing that you will wake up every day next to your best friend, 
and that no matter what that day brings, you won't be facing it alone.
Marriage really is a compromise, a give and take. You must make an investment in each other and keeping your relationship fresh and exciting. For me, the returns on my investment are well worth the effort. 

So tonight I am going to put on my little black dress and go out with my man. Tonight we will celebrate our love and toast to our future, and I can't think of any place else I would rather be.

"To love and be loved is the greatest gift of all" - Henri Toulouse


Sarah said...

Hi there Dee! Just hopping around this morning and found your blog! 4 boys, then a little girl.. how adorable. Anyway Happy 4 years to your engagement! Hope you had a great time at dinner and I'm now your newest follower! Hope you'll stop by and follow back! :)

Dee said...

Thanks Sarah! I'm so glad to have you, & I've followed you as well :)

Christine McDonough said...

I knew that when we met at fourteen, you were a good person with a kind heart. We have not seen each other in years. But, I have to tell you, you are an extremely talented writer with a moving story! Book deal definitely in the works! I will tell my friend who has a published book about it if you like. Let me know.

Dee said...

Thanks Christine! You're so sweet! I would love that, I think it might be fun to try... Although G-d knows I need more work like I need a hole in my head!!!