Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Ahead...

We finally had some beautiful weather here this weekend, and my kids were taking full advantage! As soon as Jay got back with the boys on Saturday morning, they all ran outside to play baseball. They couldn't wait to get out there! R started indoor practice 2 weeks ago so he is fully in baseball mode, and B & A will
finally be playing on a team by their mom's house, so they were very anxious to start practicing.

We also brought baby M into the backyard to play for the very first time! She loved it! She played a little catch with her brothers and ran around the yard in circles. We even let her sit on the trampoline for a bit. She didn't last on there too long, because her brothers can't keep themselves from jumping and I was just too nervous, but she had a blast. She had so much fun, she didn't want to come in! She was screaming like crazy on our way back into the house. I hope she always loves being outside this much... so much better than the alternative of being glued to the TV set.

I was even able to read a book and get out for a walk by myself. Who knew?

Perfect ending to Saturday = breakfast for dinner! Home made plain, blueberry and chocolate chip waffles (of course they can't all like the same kind!!!) with scrambled eggs. Such a simple thing to do, but it really makes them so happy. My waffles are AMAZEballs, btw... 
I should double the recipe, they are always looking for more.

Everyone was dragging on Sunday due to the time change, and it didn't help that Jay worked until 7 am! We were all so tired exhausted. For the boys there was lots more outdoor fun, for Jay there was lots of laying around on the couch. Baby M and I got out for a walk, she just loves being outside.
Then we made home made stuffed shells (low fat, of course!) for dinner with grandpa.

Another perfect ending to another beautiful day... home made dinner cooked together with my love, and sharing a delicious meal with all the people I love most. All in all, another great weekend at our house.

Did you get outside this weekend?

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