Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Break = No Break

We have been waiting for Spring break since Christmas break was over. Seriously.
Every person I know in the education field has been counting down the days, especially since President's day. Every. SIngle. One. When they canceled our February break due to Sandy, we knew Spring break would become the mother of all vacations. The kids - my kids, needed it desperately, as did the staff in my building and I'm sure every other school in our area.
I don't even want to think about the 8 week stretch we have coming after this long awaited "break".
Of course, I'm not off this week - but I think in this case it may be good and bad.

It's bad because I'm exhausted, and I miss my kids. It's easier to go to work every day when I know they are also busy at school. Not so easy when I could be home snuggling up with them. It's bad because the dumb ass who's in charge of my husband's precinct keeps switching his unit to day tours, and of course he has to pick this week - HELLO???? You have kids, obviously you know there is no school!!!
Can we say "Holy daycare expense, Batman?!?!" It's really NG (not good)!!!
It's also bad because these kids are eating me out of house and home, and it's only day 4!!! 
If the weather was better, it wouldn't be quite so bad - but spring hasn't sprung here yet.
 It was snowing yesterday for goodness sake!!!!  I mean c'mon already!
There are only so many movies you can watch in a week.

It's good because when I say they wanted needed this break, I was. not. kidding.
They have so much pent up energy, it's ridic. They are literally bouncing of the walls.
So - good for them that they are home blowing off steam,
and good for me that I am at work & don't have to deal with them all day by myself!
I know that sounds terrible, but lets be honest here... 5 kids all day with no other adult in sight is a lot of work. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my kiddos; but man, they are a handful!
Luckily, since Jay is on days most of the week we will have a bunch of family time all together,
you all know how little of that we get. 
 Fortunately for me, there will only be one night where I will be alone with the whole crew.
If you don't hear from me for Thankful Thursday, send out a search party!!!

So hard to be away from these cuties all day, but then I think of the mess they are most likely making at home and I am happy to be at work & blissfully unaware :)

It's also good because being at work in the peace and quiet has given me some time to think. I've been seeing bucket lists on some of my favorite blogs and I'm thinking, "why not me?" So, I'm working on my 40 in 40 list... Keep your eyes peeled for that one. In fact, I already started working on one of those goals today. I completed my first C25K (Couch to 5K) workout!!! I did it! I actually ran for 8 minutes, which I never thought I could do. I feel so much more confident already,
I can't wait to do my next workout. Maybe I can do this whole running thing after all!!!


We'll see how I feel after workout #2 ;) 

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