Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday's Letters


Dear M - Why won't you sleep??? Daddy and I are EXHAUSTED!!!! It's one thing if you're in pain, I get that. Mommy doesn't ever want you to be in pain - but the wanting to hang out and "chat" in the middle of the night has got. to. stop. My eyes are literally closing as I type this.

Doesn't she look like an angel when she's sleeping???

Dear Bad Guys - Stop doing your thing on Saturday nights.
It really BITES THE BIG ONE that Jay seems to always be working late on Saturday nights.
When he doesn't get home until 6 am, it really screws up our only family day.
I am NOT a fan.
Kindly commit your crimes at another time.
Please and thank you.

Dear Legs - Please don't fail me now. I feel like I can really do this C25K thing, so please stop hurting me! I know my body is old, tired and busted; but this chick is ready to run!!! Please, please, please just give me a break! Or not. You know what I mean!!!

Dear Mom - I miss you, A LOT. Planning R's First Holy Communion has really made me very emotional about it. I guess it's just because this is another first for us that you are missing.
Maybe it's because my baby boy is growing up and this just reminds me that you are not here to see it.
It also scares me. It makes me wonder how many firsts I will be able to share with them myself, and how many I may miss...
I love you, I miss you, and I just wish I could squeeze you right now. That's all.

Me and my momma - 1979

Just so I'm not a complete Debbie Downer here...

Dear Kiki La Rue - I think we need KLR anonymous meetings, and I will be the first client.
I am seriously ADDICTED!!!
I can't. stop. shopping! When my hubby throws me out, I'm coming to live with you Becka! 
Seriously, I cannot wait for the temps to warm up here so I can finally wear my new dresses. They are gorg, and make me feel so sexy! Amazeballs merchandise, and customer service to match. LOVE. IT. Please don't ever stop what you are doing!!!

Dear Rain - GO AWAY!!!! It's Friday, and the rest of this weekend is supposed to be beautiful... so take a hike so I can enjoy the sunshine with my family (and maybe wear one of my new KLR dresses)!

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