Sunday, April 28, 2013

I WILL Be There...

I haven't been feeling that great lately. I have had to literally drag myself out to do my exercising almost every day last week. On my run last Friday, I was really having a hard time. I found myself wondering, "why am doing this???" So I started thinking about it... Why am I doing this?

I am doing this because I WILL be there when my daughter graduates from college.
I WILL be there when she gets married.
I WILL be there when she has her babies.
I WILL love those grandchildren up with all my might.
I WILL be as healthy as possible.
I WILL do everything in my power to be here for all 5 of my children for as long as possible.

Even though I know my mom couldn't help getting sick, I just wish she would've taken better care of herself & I don't want my kids to say the same thing about me.

So, there I was running down the street with tears streaming down my face. I must've been some sight to see! It kept me going though. I pushed through. I finished it up.

When I went out yesterday, I found I didn't have to push as hard. The thought of living a long, healthy life for my beautiful babies keeps me going.

I'm not sure how long it will take me to complete a full 5K, but I will get it done. I'm more motivated now then I ever have been before.

Thank goodness now the sun is finally shining, it's making it A LOT easier to get my ass outside :)

Happy running people!!!

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1 comment:

Cari said...

you are a fab mama!!! :) I wish I could run I hate having bad knees to stop me!