Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's Time to Move On

Thursday is THE DAY.

I'm finally giving up my Weight Watchers app.
It's been great.
I love the program.
It's been keeping me on the right path for the past 10 months. So why give it up, you ask?
I don't want to pay $18.95 a month to maintain my weight.
It's been 6 months now.
I have to learn how to do it on my own...
or at least with some free app help ;)

I'll miss you WW....

So, now I need to find a new app for tracking my food and daily activity.
I tried My Fitness Pal, but I found it too difficult to track my activity. It was way too specific for me. My bestie suggested Fooducate, which I am currently trying out. It has some good features, but there are some things I don't love about that one as well. It's great for tracking store bought items,
but difficult for home made recipes and things like that.
It's also been crazy hard to track calories when I'm so used to points.
I think it's just a matter of getting used to something new, I loved my WW tracker so much!!!

Anywho... Like I said, time to move on.

Since I'm starting fresh, I need to come up with a new exercise plan too. When the timing is right with Jay's schedule, I do a free cardio class offered at my job. It is AMAZING! I wish I could do it the full four times a week it is offered, but alas... hubby's job takes precedence. So for now it's just Mondays and Saturdays. Last week I started the C25K training program. I'm hoping running will help me get a little more fit. So far, so good. I think. Well, maybe not really. I've only done 3 workouts... But I did 3 workouts! That's something, right? I've also been walking daily on my break at work. If I don't get my burn in during the day, it rarely ever never happens. Too many things (or little people) distract me when I'm at home. I am still finding it difficult to make time for myself and my health goals.

To help keep me motivated, I joined the Operation Red Bikini challenge over at Southern Girl Gets Fit.

I found this blog & challenge through Kyra from Nine Months. I love connecting with other ladies who are traveling the same weight loss road. My goal for this challenge is to fit into the dress I wore for our rehearsal dinner 3 years ago, & maybe my honeymoon bikini.
For me it's more about feeling healthy and comfortable in my own skin.  

All you runners out there, how many times a week do you typically run? I truly have no idea where to start. Any suggestions for a new tracking app are also welcome.
Thinking I will stick with Fooducate for now unless I can find something better.

Hope you all have a wonderful week :)

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Cari said...

you can do it!!! :) I remember when I was trying to maintain my weight, I texted w. a friend my meals and goals that definitely helped a lot!!